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The Praga Bohema Launch ;

Through REC Media’s Lens

The launch of Praga’s Bohema hypercar at The Space Events was a spectacle of modern automotive design, and REC Media was on site to capture every moment.

The Art of Teasing Brilliance

Ever wonder what goes into making a car look epic on screen before it even hits the road? It’s less about big stunts and more about the details—the hum of the engine, the curve of the headlights, and that shiny paint that makes you want to reach out and touch the screen.

The goal? Keep it real, keep it sleek, and let the car do the talking. We wanted to introduce the Bohema not just as a car but as a character in its own thrilling story.

Setting the Scene 

The Dubai desert was our backdrop—vast, open, and dramatic. The Bohema moved through this sprawling canvas, kicking up a trail of dust under the wide desert sky, perfectly encapsulating the power and elegance of this hypercar. It was the perfect place to show its power and style.

The Big Day and What Followed

By launch day, the Bohema had already become a sensation. The official unveiling was like meeting a celebrity you’ve seen in trailers, now in flesh and steel. Our coverage of the event highlighted the live reactions and the palpable excitement in the air, amplifying the overall experience of the launch.

Here’s What Happened When Luxury Met Horsepower

Picture this: The Space Events and Sports decked out in full gala attire, a crowd that’s the who’s who of the car world, and at the center of it all, the Praga Bohema, making a grand entrance. REC Media was on the ground and in the air (hello, drone shots!), capturing every sleek, jaw-dropping moment.

Preparation was key. We coordinated with event planners to ensure our angles were perfect, our lighting complemented the venue’s ambiance, and every moment was captured in high definition.
We strive to be invisible yet omnipresent, ensuring our footage reflects the event’s atmosphere without interrupting it.

Looking to Create Impact?

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